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About Us

Our Purpose

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

For three decades, Metawolf has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the building industry, striving to improve the quality of life for humanity. Today, we stand at the dawn of a new era where renewable energy plays a key role in reshaping the building industry and addressing climate change, all with the aim of enhancing human life. 

At Metawolf Solar, we firmly believe in the power of the sun, the ultimate source of all energy - infinite, clean, and freely available. This boundless potential of solar energy fuels our purpose: we strive to create a solar-based energy-efficient ecosystem for a carbon-free world. 

Backed by German engineering excellence, and an international team of experts, Metawolf Solar is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and producing solar products and systems that help improve the way solar energy is produced, managed and used, and accelerate the world’s transition from fossil energy to clean and renewable energy.


Our Values

Building a Community to Serve


Innovation is in our genes. We continuously seek creative solutions and pioneering technologies to lead the way in solar energy advancement.


Fellowship is the  foundation of a successful business. We build a strong community together with our clients, partners and employees to make sure that everybody works together for the same vision.


We live and breathe quality. It's the cornerstone of our work—a commitment to delivering the very best in everything we do. From our products to our services, we set high standards, aiming for nothing less than excellence.

Serve then Achieve

We believe that business is the science of serving humanity. The ultimate goal of business is to serve and thus to drive the whole society to a more advanced level.

We Are

From Germany to the World

Metawolf Solar is headquartered in Hungen, Germany, with operations in Singapore, China, India and Thailand, where we are serving over 20 countries and regions to empower individuals and businesses to optimize energy usage, save on long-term costs, and actively contribute to achieving carbon net zero.

Global Market

Metawolf Solar Global Market Coverage


Metawolf Solar Logistics Center in Hungen, Germany


Managing Directors and Team Leaders

Ralf Kretzschmar began his professional career in the 1990s as a trained retail business administrator and has since held various management positions in medium-sized and group-structured companies. Ralf Kretzschmar has an extensive network within the German construction industry and was responsible for earnings, personnel and sales in his previous functions.


Ralf Kretzschmar

Authorized Representative
Customer Relations
 +49 151 6126 4295

Hendrik Schulze is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in business operations and eCommerce. With extensive experience as Co-CEO, Management Board member, and project manager, Hendrik has demonstrated exceptional leadership and operational expertise. His valuable knowledge and experience make him an asset to any team seeking transformative growth and operational excellence.

 Hendrik Schulze 

 Managing Director 
+49 151 6162 5778


Markus Rasch, a seasoned procurement professional with expertise in strategic purchasing and lean management. Before he takeover as Co-CEO of Meta Wolf Solar GmbH he notable roles at xTWO GmbH, Fresenius Kabi and Safran Aerospace. Markus has a strong track record in global category management and contract manufacturing (OEM). His strategic mindset, affinity for numbers and exceptional negotiation skills drive operational efficiencies and optimize supply chains.


 Markus Rasch 

 Managing Director
Supply Chain
+49 170 368 3536

Johannes Rostan is a senior executive and entrepreneur with broad technical and operational leadership experience and a sound business acumen. He founded SolSol GmbH in 2008, a business, management, and technology consultancy company that has setup and established operations at several solar cell and module manufacturing units in Europe, India, and South East Asia. Johannes holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.


 Johannes Rostan 

 Product & System 

Founder and CEO of Sindcon. Ph.D. Degree from Nanyang Technology University of Singapore in the area of Semiconductor Analog Integrated Circuit Design. Principal Scientist in Broadcom R&D Centre Singapore and jointly developed the “"BCM43" series SoC providing WiFi support” for iPhones & Samsung Galaxy Phones.


 Deyu Chen 


Song Yang is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Before joining Meta Wolf, he was the Marketing Director of RIB Software, where he was responsible for global marketing, business concept development and board support. With a strong passion for digital transformation and the enthusiasm for renewable energy, Song is committed to driving the world's transition to sustainable energy.


 Song Yang 

 Marketing & Research 

Aye is an experienced IT manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry, retail and ecommerce. Strong IT professional skilled in PHP, Software Documentation, HTML, Magento, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


 Aye Myat Thu 

 Software Development 

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